The Head Dr. began her journey with mental health and the criminal justice system over 20 years ago. Her gift for assessing human behavior within a forensic context has allowed her to help thousands of individuals receive treatment instead of punishment.


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To bridge the knowledge gap by providing the public with information needed to navigate the criminal justice landscape as it relates to mental health.


I’m a clinical psychologist with a specialization in forensic psychology, which is essentially the application of psychological practices and principles to the legal system.

I completed my undergraduate education at the University of California, Irvine, and my graduate studies at Washington State University where I earned my doctorate degree. After completing my undergraduate program, I couldn’t make up my mind about whether to attend law school or pursue a doctorate in psychology. I decided to pursue forensic psychology because it has allowed me to practice in both mental health and the criminal justice system.

“The Head Dr.” refers to my area of practice, which involves the study of the mind. I conduct forensic evaluations that address mental health related concerns. Individuals referred to me have been charged with a criminal offense and require a psychological evaluation to assist with resolving their case.

These clients are typically sent to me by their attorney or the court to assess whether their mental health status impacted their behavior or judgment in the charged offense. While my area of specialization includes sex offender and violence risk assessments, I conduct a range of forensic evaluations for adolescent and adult clients. This process generally results in a written report and expert testimony in a legal setting.

In the early stages of my career I encountered countless individuals who were convicted of a criminal offense when it was evident that mental illness was a significant factor that contributed to their behavior. These experiences among others inspired me to become a part of the solution by advocating for mental health and criminal justice reform. This platform will allow me to inspire, inform and educate society so that together we can reform our social systems, help our families and improve our communities.